Issues Facing Mobile Home Park Owners

Clients of Dowdall Law Offices, A.P.C., often begin consultations with our lawyers by asking, "Are our residency documents as good as they can be? What do we need to do to tighten up our leases and rental agreements in light of current laws, cases, and expenses?" We work closely with mobilehome park owners on a proactive basis as well as in response to challenges from government, vendors, residents, neighboring property owners and other legal opponents.

Areas of concern for many of our mobilehome park owner clients include:

  • Mobilehome residency law, including termination of tenancy, leasing documents, compliance, premises liability defense, management issues, land use, practical conversion and closure techniques, vendor disputes, preventive practices, in-house programs and seminars, code compliance, litigation and alternative dispute resolution techniques
  • Eviction, rent control and other practical matters
  • Government, civil, business and professions regulations
  • Health and safety codes and regulations
  • Commercial codes
  • Municipal rent and zoning controls
  • Fair housing law enforcement and defense, including planning, prevention and litigation in California and federal courts and agencies
  • Constitutional law, with emphasis on property rights, conversions of land use, premises liability defense, termination for tenancy and strategies for tenant-dominated municipality politics
  • Legislative issues, including representation, counseling, and strategies for tenant-dominated municipalities

Representative Clientele

Representative clientele include private sector interests (mobilhome park owners, portfolio management, fee management), public sector representation (municipalities), quasi-public sector interests (nonprofit corporate ownership and management, resident-owned and common interest manufactured housing communities), and allied service industry organizations and associations (including housing trade associations).

(Sorry, due to the commitment to the manufactured housing industry, our professional affiliations and alliances preclude representation of individual mobile home dealers, brokers, lenders, homeowners and others with whom there may be a potential conflict of interest with a manufactured housing community owner or management.)

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