FAQs About Mobile Home Park Operations

Throughout California, mobilehome park ownership and management operations face an increasingly difficult business climate. Our attorneys at Dowdall Law Offices, A.P.C., in Orange, California, solve sensitive problems every day! We provide personalized legal counsel and practical guidance to solutions addressing vital needs and questions affecting your operations.

Contact a lawyer at Dowdall Law Offices, A.P.C., to discuss workable answers to any of the following or similar questions:

  • How to maintain profitability in light of a highly regulated and often hostile business climate. What proactive strategies can park owners build into operation of mobilehome parks? Well-structured long-term leases are a proven-effective strategy. Dowdall Law Offices, A.P.C., is prepared to help park owners manage leasing operations efficiently, fairly &easily.
  • How to fight rent control: How can owners respond throughout California to misguided rent control challenges? Statutory schemes of this type by a city or municipality on what a mobilehome park owner can charge for rent will threaten the continued viability of these residential operations. We bring our decades of experience to the task of challenging untenable and unsustainable burdens on mobilehome park owners.
  • How to avoid liability: How can park owners respond to or prevent costly litigation? Strategies to minimize liability-generating events are a constant emphasis in our practice.
  • How to manage conflicts among tenants and between tenants and park management.
  • How to enforce rules and regulations and in case of violations, how to carry out evictions. Owners need to be aware of current developments in the law that may pertain to individual circumstances.
  • How to prevent and respond to class action suits. We work to avoid the circumstances which may give use to claims of individual residents or disputes en masse.

Which FAQs About Mobile Home Park Operations Matter Most To You Right Now?

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