About Our Attorneys Representing Mobilehome Park Owners

After serving as a partner in Swanson and Dowdall, P.C., for 15 years, attorney Terry R. Dowdall established Dowdall Law Offices, A.P.C., in 1993. Located in Orange and Sacremento and serving all of California. The office is streamlined, effective and technologically advanced, emphasizing representation of mobilehome park owners, HOA's and property management firms.

Our more than 30 years in the industry is based on personal relationships for which we are forever indebted. With great appreciation, it is our privilege to continue providing the very best advice and service available to Park owners & managers. We avoid needless expense or risky strategies and tactics.

Supporting Mobilehome Park Ownership Enterprise

As owners ourselves, prudent business judgment is our mantra. Your business is to make money and serve your residents, not pay lawyers. We get that. We aim to achieve the fastest, least expensive and most efficient attainment of objectives. Whether the answer is aggressive representation, careful planning, or risk management & avoidance, our solutions offer experience & insight few can rival. We will always strive to do the best we can because, simply, we care.

Providing Prevention And Cures For Legal Challenges Facing Park Owners

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